Miami Art Week Mapp is an interactive tool that informs users on art fairs and explore different landmarks, restaurants, and hotels.

Miami Art Week is a once a year, comprising of international art shows for Modern and contemporary art.

The art fairs and art events take place in Miami and Miami Beach between the week of December 1st to 6th. Destinations to top artist around the world and sophisticated art events like Art Basel. The app’s interactive map allows users to navigate art fairs, access gallery information, explore landmarks, and discover restaurants and local hotels.

Becoming the ultimate guide to Miami Art Week and Art Basel. Miami is a progressive and well-known destination to artists and creative thinkers determining the booming of the arts market as our target audience.

CLIENT Ai Miami International University


DELIVERABLES Design & Mockup, Promotional Website

TOOLS Mapbox | Bootstrap Ratchet | PhoneGap | Abobe Illustrator | Abobe Photoshop | Invision

ROLES UX Designer / Web Developer, Updating JSON files, Mapbox API management, SCRUM Master

The Challenge

The app was develop by a team of front-end developers and graphic designer from Ai Miami International University of Art & Design. The challenge was to translate a printable detailed map and guide about the art fairs into a mobile application. Every year for the first week of December Ai MIami gave away a guide where visitors and students could found information about the events, galleries and exhibitions throughout the city.

Along with our instructors and advisers the team manage to create and built a concept for the Miami Art Week mobile app. The team used the Scrum methodology in order to collaborate under an organize and cross-functional environment.. Our Response

The app was design to provide an extraordinary and unique experience for those who wanted to enjoy parties, art installations, top restaurants and the best hotels of the city. The idea was to allow our users access useful information regarding the dates, hours, location and ticketing with just a single tap on the location of each venue. Brand Identity & Design

Design Deliverables

Miami Art Week app showcases a beautiful purple and pink tones with subtle gradients that express the brand's identity consistently across the application. The design process consisted of designing a logo for the brand and creating a style guide that established the visual style components.

The team unanimously agreed on font styles, color scheme and UI elements for the app. Before launching the final product we completed the UX design process. We understood the goal that needed to be met and in order to create a great experience of the product.

Achievements and Roles

Miami Art Week app was launched in November 2015 available to download on Google Play. The app feature a well organize interactive map displaying the landmarks, artists and art events according to an specific area in Miami. As a result the MIU Web Club team built an application that facilitated the experience of those exploring Miami during the Art week of 2015. During the project I had the opportunity of developing several roles and engaging in the product development. Such activities included; UX design ideas, user research, Mapbox API integration among others. The Miami Art Week app allow me to learn the multidisciplinary steps of building a mobile application. Naturally in order to promote the product I'd design a top-nocth promo website. Ratchet and PhoneGap proved to be the best web technologies to create the app. Team Members: Rima Gerhard (Instructor) Erica Muñoz, Carlos Cardozo, Stvetlana Pant, Jose Gomez, Herodney Emile, Bradley Cummins, Bradley Evans and Julissa Roa.